Invitation Cookies


You may color coordinate these ideas for your sweet tables – the cookies make great party favors as well.


  • Sugar cookie dough
  • Rolled fondant
  • Square fluted cookie cutter(I used 2 ½)
  • Straight edge  square cookie cutter(I used 2 ¼”)
  • Acetate paper (available at copy center)
  • Invitation, monogram, name, message (i.e. It’s a Girl!)
  • 3/8”Coordinating ribbons(about 12” per cookie)-optional
  • Plastic straw-optional
  • Small cellophane bags -optional
  1. Reduce invitation, monogram, etc ( I reduced to 2 ¼”)
  2. Copy onto acetate paper (you should be able to fit approx  12 per page)
  3. Roll out cookie dough
  4. Using the fluted cookie cutter, cut out the dough
  5. Using a straw, cut out two holes- approximately ½” from top and 1” apart from each other
  6. Bake according to recipe directions
  7. Roll out fondant
  8. Using the square cookie cutter, cut out fondant( slightly smaller than the cookie)
  9. Place fondant on top of cookie (if the fondant does not stick to the cookie try dabbing a drop of water on the fondant)
  10. Turn fondant covered cookie upside down. Push  a plastic straw through the cookie holes and into the fondant  thereby creating holes in the fondant as well.
  11.  Place your cut out invitation, monogram… onto the fondant.
  12.  Use a pen to mark off holes.                     
  13.  Use a hole puncher to cut out holes.
  14.  Once again place your invitation,monogram… over your fondant.
  15.  Push ribbon through holes( starting from the back of the cookie)You may use a toothpick to help push the ribbon through the holes.
  16. Form a bow.

If you are planning to use the cookies as party favors –skip all steps that involve making holes in cookies.Acetate paper will stick to cookies with a dab of water.For a finishing touch-wrap cookies in cellophane bags and ribbons. Please note: Acetate paper is not edible it is for decoration purposes only.


*For more party ideas check out invitation-jello-cups      

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  • These are so pretty!! as all the other creative ideas you have featured! Good luck with your blog and all your wonderful work!


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