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Chic Hanging Vases


For many of us, there can never be too many flowers around, so here are some “bright” ideas to add to your Sukkah decoration repertoire. Preparation time-approximately 5-10 minutes per vase.


  • Clear light bulb
  • Small needle nose pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Long screw
  • Fishing line type thread (available at sewing/craft store)
  • Cloth gloves and goggles for hand and eye protection



1.Using your pliers, carefully remove the metal piece from the bottom of the bulb.


2.After the piece is removed there will be a hole in center.  Begin breaking away at the black glass insulator by inserting a screw in the hole and prying out.


3.With the bottom of the bulb removed, begin removing the innards of the bulb carefully with the pliers and screwdriver.



  • Though this task is not at all complicated, caution should be used as the glass is (obviously) fragile.
  • Measure how low you want vase to hang down, double the thread and cut accordingly.
  • Wrap the thread around the neck of the bulb and tie a double knot. (In order to insure the vase hangs straight, it is a good idea to take another string and tie it the opposite way.
  • Then, take the strings from both sides and tie them together to form a “handle”.



Hanging Options:

Hang from Schach Screw hooks into the wall and hang the vases from them – great for a filler in between decorations.


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