Etrog Box Party Favor


 I couldn't resist posting these adorable etrog box party favors that I made for my friend's sons Bar Mitzva which will take place this Shabbat. I have always enjoyed handing out  green sour sticks and lemon candies (which resemble the lulav and etrog) to my little "Succah hoppers".

This year, maybe I will make these etrog boxes for them as well. I might even make them for each place setting at my Sukkot table.


  • small hard plastic boxes made by Celebrate It (available at craft stores)
  • lemon candies available at
  • foam-which I took out of a real esrog box and cut into pieces
  • labels designed by
  1. Cut foam to fit into plastic box.
  2. Fold the foam in half and make a 1/2'' slit.
  3. Place foam in the box and place the "esrog" in the slit.
  4. Apply printed sticker to outside of the box


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  • So all that work to essentially give each guest one lemon candy? I don’t get it.


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