Invitation Jello Cups

Enhance your next party with these attention grabbing monogram jello cups.Color coordinate them to match your sweet table and party decor.
  • 12-6 oz Plastic parfait cups
  • 4 boxes Clear jell-o
  • 1 box colored jell-o
  • Transparency paper (available at copy center)
  • Invitation, monogram, name, message (i.e. It’s a Girl!)


1. Reduce invitation, monogram, etc .to 1 ¾”x 1 ¾” square (you should be able to fit approx 20 per page).
2. Copy on clear transparency paper.
3. Prepare clear jell-o (following directions on package).
4. Fill parfait cup with the jell-o up until 1/2” from the top

5. Allow to jell.
6. Place cut out invitation, monogram etc, into clear jell-o.

7. Prepare colored jell-o (following directions on package)
8. Fill remaining space with colored jell-o

*For best results allow to “sit” overnight as this will allow the colors to blend nicely.

*Please note: transparency paper is not edible-it is for decoration only.

 Yields: 12

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  • I must try these for my next party! Looks simple and exciting – Esther, I love your creativity!!


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