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Leaf Flowers


Well here I was, ready to post this Leaf Flower fall post, and then... it snowed 8 and 1/2 inches on Nov. 7th - thus bringing fall to an abrupt end! (For whatever was left of it after Sandy) But for those of you still have a fall season and the magnificent foliage is abound, here is a  fun, neat idea that will “leave” you mesmerized.


  • Leaves (freshly fallen so they are pliable)
  • Floral Tape
  • Skewers




1.Fold one leaf in half (tip touching the stem) and roll it up for the center of the “rose”


2.Take a second leaf, and fold it around the first “bud”.


3.Continue to add leaves, rotating as you go to get an even size.


Work with the smaller leaves at the center and the larger ones towards the outside When you have reached the desired size, pinch the leave stems tightly together and wrap with tape


4.Wrap the bottom of the flower and the skewer with floral tape



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