Hanukkah Candy Menorah

I found these sleek looking shot glasses in a number of discount stores. Lined up neatly, they can create a simple, yet striking (and certainly sweet) centerpieces for your Hanukkah party.When purchasing the shot glasses, stick with something simple. The simpler the glass, the more dramatic the projects will look.

Candy Menorah

The pearl candies used in this Menorah come in a large variety of colors. Color coordinate your “Menorah” to match your partys’ color scheme.




1. Layer candy pearls in shot glasses.

2. Using kitchen shears, cut a flame shape out of the fruit slices.


3. Place flames on toothpicks and insert into the candy pearls.

4. Line up all the shot glasses in a neat row (place on tray if desired)For the “Shamash”, raise the center glass by placing it on a glass tea light holder (turned upside down).

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