Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Napkin Coat


 My sister in Israel is always trying to bring the weekly Parsha “home”. Each week she makes an effort to include some food or décor to her Shabbat table that her children can connect to the Parsha. This is one of her favorites. All it takes is a striped napkin, a couple of folds and snips, and you have a colorful “Joseph’s coat” napkin to grace your Shabbat table.


  • Striped colorful napkins
  • Scissors


1.Start by taking each side of your napkin and folding it to the center.

 2.Fold the napkin in half again.

3.Cut the arms by making a  small semi circle shape on the side of the napkin(not on the fold side)and cut a quarter of a circle at the top to create the neckline(on the fold side).

4.Use a marker to make "buttons". So easy and so cute! 

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  • Thanks — I used this for a “Coat of Many Colors” table at a church event. Very cute!


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