Spin-Art Dreidel


Here is a fantastic idea for the children to make and use at a Hanukkah party.This will remind you of Spin-Art  It’s very simple to make ,and it will put to good use all of those old CD’s laying around.


  • CD
  • Crayola marker or comparable size
  • Glue gun
  • Stickers, rhinestones (optional)



  1. Decorate CD with stickers and rhinestones (optional).
  2. Place marker in hole of the CD. Hold in place with hot glue gun.
  3. Cover the table with oak tags,shelving paper or butcher paper and let the fun begin!

Watch your marker twirl and spin, as it creates fun and original designs. Looking to add to this activity.. go to  http://omgdesign.weebly.com/free-printables.html  to print out free CD cover templates.


  • Shabbath shalom!
    Toda raba…! I will share this to my kids

  • Hello! I just came across this on Pinterest. I actually just posted this project on Instagram, that I learned from another pinner. But I wanted to mention that as a cool tip, you should use ROSEART brand markers (instead of Crayola). Those markers are just a tad bit fatter and fit just perfectly in the hole with NO help of glue guns or tape! Hope this helps!

    Happy crafting and thanks for posting this. I’ll also put this tip on your project on Pinterest!

    Pam Joseph
  • such a cool idea…now to get the markers.

    Malkie Scholnick

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