Biscotti Mishloach Manot

Barnetts Biscotti is the perfect addition to any Mishloach Manot. Handmade and prepackaged elegantly in a variety of box sizes, these biscotti are a pleasure to give (and even more so, a pleasure to receive!) A friend of mine incorporated them in her Mishloach Manot last year.They were such a hit that she decided to send them again this year. Here are the two ways to pack them.



To order Barnetts Biscotti visit them at Mention estherodesign and receive a discount. The tuxedo wrap around the sparkling grape juice was a party favor box purchased at the Dollar Tree (10 pack). We slit open the back and wrapped it around the bottle.

The bag topper was designed by / Print on hard stock paper.


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    Rachel Ginsberg
  • Great idea with the biscotti and iced coffee. It looks beautiful and it’s packaged in a slightly different way – more original! You don’t have to be busy with ribbon! I think I am going to do it. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • These are such cute ideas, please keep them coming. I just think you should let your readers know that iced coffee, water, coffee and even juice boxes cannot count as one of the minim for shalach manos, since these are mostly water. Can’t wait to see more great ideas.

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    Leah Borenstein

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