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My graphic artist, Leah Borenstein is super-talented. She's what they call a real creative genius! It is always such a pleasure to work with her and she really adds those finishing touches to my projects that give them that 'wow' impression!  Last year, she created the most adorable Purimopoly themed mishloach manos and costumes! Everything from the recreation of the monopoly logo to the perfectly packaged house and hotel cookies was Leah's doing. She even recreated the Milton Bradley logo to say Mishpachas Borenstein - but then she told me that Monopoly isn't even a Milton Bradley game - it's Parker Brothers!! But anything to add a creative touch!  She can be emailed at - or her Portfolio can be viewed at




  •       Mini house cookie cutter for ‘houses and hotels’
  •       Your favorite cookie dough recipe
  •       Red and green rolled fondant, I used the precolored package
  •       Chocolate money coins
  •       Square shaped candy package for ‘dice’
  •       Rectangle boxed candy for the chance and property cards
  •       White gift box
  •       Small cellophane or plastic packaging for houses/ hotels
  •       Labels and Packaging accents from


    1. Roll out the cookie dough. Using your cookie cutter, cut out house / hotel cookies and bake according to the recipe directions.

    2. Roll out the fondant-approximately 1/4″. Use the same cookie cutter to cut out red or green houses from the fondant. You can use a drop of Karo syrup to stick the fondant to the cookie.

    3. Make one ‘package’of houses and one ‘package’ of hotels for each box

    4. Print all printables from on label paper and cut and stick to items accordingly.

    5. Place all items in the ‘game box’ and you’re bound to have a fun exciting package!




    • Amazing, it’s a bit (and a lot better) different than the dry muffins we usually get :)

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