Graduation Cap Pops


With the graduation season fast approaching, here is a simple and clever ideas to make any age or stage graduate feel proud!

When my sister graduated college, shortly after she got married - her creative husband surprised her with these adorable pops. Add some fun sweets to your graduation celebration with these simple and special Graduation Cap inspired pops. They’ll be the hit of your graduation party and they are so easy to make. - Make your graduate feel special!

  • marshmallows 
  • Paskez Chocolate Mints Thins
  • Lasso Ropes or Twizzlers Pull n' Peel
  • edible eyes 
  • lollipop sticks
  • Melted Chocolate



  1.  Dip one third of the marshmallow into melted chocolate and place it in the center of  the bottom side of the chocolate mint square. Allow to dry.
  2. For the tassel, tear the Lasso Rope or Pull n' Peel into 1" pieces and "glue on" with the melted chocolate.
  3. Use a drop of the melted chocolate to apply the eyes.
  4. Stick a lollypop stick into each marshmallow.


  • I made these with my clients in school, they LOVED it. I’m totally archiving this for future use :)

    Binah Yesayrah
  • i love this idea!! It Was so easy. I did it for when we walked into my house after my 8th graders graduation. she loved it then she brought whatever was left and made more for her grade party!!! So fun & Easy!

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