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Diamond Wrapped Vases


I’m always on the lookout when I walk the aisles of Stitch ‘n Sew in Lakewood N.J. Whether it be leather, organza, vinyl, taffeta, ribbons, flowers, or tulle, there is always something that catches my eye to use to enhance a project that I am working on. A while back, I was delighted to chance upon diamond wrap. Walk into any gift store and you will see that diamonds are the rage. There are many great ways that diamond wrap can be used to mimic all the so very popular sparkly giftware available (at a fraction of the cost, ofcourse). It is sold by the yard, and cuts and glues beautifully. Diamond wrap comes in a variety of elegant and funky colors and can add personality to your Simcha and party décor. Over the next few posts  we will be discussing different ways to use it.

Today I will show you how to dress up your vase.


diamond wrap    



1) Measure the circumference of   your  vase .

2) Measure and cut diamond wrap.

3) Use glue dots or a glue gun to hold trim in place.


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