Diamond Wrap Napkin Rings


To continue on my diamond wrap theme, let's take a look at these simple, affordable, but magnificent napkin rings. I used these to spruce up my Shvout table, but I have used them on numerous more elegant occasions as well. When my family made Sheva Brachot for my niece, I made about 100 of these napkin rings in silver, they really added a beautiful touch to the decor .The variety of colors available in diamond wrap, offers you many fun and exciting options to work with.  ie: Try to imagine a princess or Diva themed Bat Mitzvah party with a simple white or black napkin and the hot pink diamond wrap napkin rings... WOW!


  • Diamond wrap
  • Glue gun
  • Silk flowers (optional)



1) Cut a strip of diamond wrap that measures 6 ¾” x ¾” (4 rows).

2) Using a glue gun, form ring by overlapping the ends of the strip by about 1". Glue in place.

3) Glue the flower over the seam. (optional)



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