Hanukkah Party Menorah Contest

Each year by our family Hanukkah party, aside from the standard routine, we try to bring a new activity to keep it exciting and fun for the children and adults alike. Last years addition (which was a huge hit) was a Menorah Contest.

This is how it worked:

We asked every family coming to the party to create a "menorah" made of something original. It didn't have to be "usable" to light with, but it had to look like a "Kosher" menorah (8 + a shamash, properly aligned, etc). It was amazing to see what original and diverse ideas each of the families came up with. At the party, the menorahs were prominently displayed. At the end, we raffled them all off for each of the families to take home and enjoy!

TIP: You can give a budget for the menorah. In addition to the fun this added to the party, everyone agreed that the best part was the excitement of thinking, preparing, and proudly showing off their own original menorah. Here is a poem you can send to all participants. We’re planning a Hannukah party menorah display Each guest brings a menorah and takes one on their way Have fun as you dream of just the right thing That you would like to use for menorah building You'll need something useful, edible, or pretty; times 8 With something for the shamash and then you'll create A centerpiece menorah which does not need to be lit But does need your originality, your care, and your wit Keep in mind as you decide and prepare That it should be a gift you'll be proud to share Set it up securely so it can travel to and from the event And be worth the time and the money that you will have spent So light your creativity on fire, send your imagination spinning As you prepare a menorah that's sure to be award winning! Here are some sample menorahs:


The Pez Menorah


For this menorah, the Pez wrappers were mod podged onto a pieace of wood.


The Toothbrush Menorah

These toothbrushes were from Amazing Savings (4/$1.00)


The “Scent”sational Menorah


The Chanukah Gelt menorah


The Re”marker”able Menorah

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