Colorful Chocolate Dreidels


These colorful and cheerful  Chocolate  Dreidel Pops, which really do spin, are sure to be a big hit throughout Chanukah.




  1. Begin by melting your chocolate in a double boiler, microwave or a Melting Pot. I personally enjoy using  a Melting Pot. I often end up burning the chocolate in the microwave and with a double boiler, there is always that chance of getting water in the chocolate.With the melting pot, it can sit on the counter for hours keeping the chocolate melted and ready to use.
  2. Pour the melted Wonder melts into the molds and allow to set  for about 5 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, cut sticks with a strong pair of scissors (approximately 2“).
  4. Place the sticks in the center of each mold.
  5. Place in freezer until completely set.
  6. Remove the dreidels from the molds.
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  • Hi I cant find the molds for this do you have a link?

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    Chani Paris
  • Sooooooooo cute!!!

    Leah Borenstein

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