Cup of Lemonade Cupcake

Little can match the excitement of the first weeks of summer.Long,endless days with no school, lots of water fun, dozens (and dozens) of freeze pops and of course lots and lots of lemonade!   What better way to celebrate summer than with a delicious "cup of lemonade” cupcake that won't leave your floor a sticky mess!  

This fun idea is a perfect daycamp/camp activity - the "ice" will actually make it home!  

You Will Need:

  1. Insert cupcake into decorative cupcake holder. 
  2. Ice the cupcake using the lemon cream. 
  3. Top with rock candy, candied lemon slice and decorative straw.


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  • Hi do you have any cute ideas for summer themed projects for preschoolers. Thanks so much. Luv all your stuff


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