Sukkot Craft Kits

There's something special about DIY Sukkah decorations.

Whether you're young or old(er) nothing can compare to displaying your own "works of art" on the Sukkah walls.

Year after year, long after our projects have begun to "weather" away, we're always excited to hang these projects again and again!

Add some elegance and class to your Sukkah this year with these easy to create Sukkah craft kits.

The silver stickers used in these kits  resemble the ornate silver engraving found on many crystal wine bottles and vases.


elegant sukka craft kitThis stunning "Besukkot Taishvu Shivat Yamim" plaque  craft kit will add that royal touch to your sukkah, simply and effortlessly. It's a no-fail way for anyone to create sukkah walls fit for a king.

Activity time: Approximately 30-45 minutes.

Project  includes:

  • 8- 1/2 x 16" wooden plaque
  • silver sticker
  • royal blue contact paper
  • bling trim
  •  hook
  •  paint
  • foam paint brush
  • DIY instructions

Only $6.99 per kit Click here to order. Please email me for wholesale inquiries-

mirror sukkah plaque                           

Add elegance and beauty to your sukkah with this gorgeous " Visamachta Bchagecha Mirror Sukkah Plaque", easy to make decoration! This mirror sign will give your sukkah walls the richness they deserve with very little effort! Activity time: approximately 30 minutes Project includes:

  • 11x17 framed mirror with hook
  • silver stickers
  • Black contact paper
  • black tape
  • rhinestones
  • DIY instructions
5.99 per kit Click here to order. Please email us for wholesale inquiries-

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  • I have a craft shop and am interested in your crafts. I would like to see a catalogue and prices and in what quantities I have to order. Do you you have a distributer in England or do I have to arrange that?

    Thank you

    Mrs Yitty Steinfeld

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