Honeycomb Cookies


Be the Queen Bee with these adorable  Rosh Hashanah Honeycomb Cookies! They'll be swarming back to the hive for more crispy deliciousness with every buzzy bite!   



  1.  Roll out cookie dough, approximately 1/4” thick
  2. Using the cookie cutter, cut out the dough.
  3. Using a straw, poke holes in the cookie dough to resemble a honeycomb.
  4. Bake according to recipe directions .
  5. Allow cookies to cool.
  6. Ice the cookies using the melted chocolate or royal icing.
  7. Stick the bees onto the cookies while the icing is still wet.
Wishing you all  a "SWEET NEW YEAR"!

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  • oh my these are the cutest ever!!


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