"Games to go" Mishloach Manos


This Games to Go Mishloach Manos is  a fun-filled Mishloach Manot that will appeal to all ages, young and young at heart!

Kids can build with the lego candy, challenge each other at Pick-up Stix, and the popular game “Find It” will keep them busy for hours.

Attach a small  toy key chain we found, to the games bag for additional entertainment.


Directions for Games to Go:





Pick-up Stix




Find It


  • 2” x 6" or 10" plastic cylindar (If you prefer to order on Amazon, this can also be used.)
  • chocolate lentils to fill ¾ of cylinder (Candy can get expensive. You can look around for a cheaper candy that has movement.) 
  • assorted pressed candy objects (such as banana, bear, chocolate coin, fish, gumball, heart, smiley face, chocolate rock, sunnyside-up, worm etc.
  • “Find It” label available through OMG Design
  • Red tape 
  • ball chain 
  • hole puncher


  1. Place lentils and candy objects in tube.
  2. Punch two holes, side by side (appoximately 1/2” apart) and 1.5” from the top of the tube.
  3. Punch a hole through the top of the tag.
  4. Place the chain through the holes on the tube and then through the hole in the tag.
  5. Close the chain.
  6. Close the container.
  7. Wrap tape around the top and bottom of the cylinder.

Game Holder

The bag that I used here is no longer available.

This clear gift bag looks like it should be a good option. Otherwise, there should be many other good choices.

This article by EstherO. originally appeared in Mishpacha Magazine.

This post contains affiliate links from Amazon, which means I earn a very small commission if you click and make a purchase.

Photography by Dan Engongoro


  • LOVE this idea! Where did you get the plastic cylindars?

    Mich Rose
  • What an inventive idea for Purim! I know this unique Mishaloch Manot will really be a hit with my grandchildren, who are now getting older. Can I purchase the supplies on line or do I have to go to a craft store, (which is a problem, seeing that I’m disabled)? I would love to have the details as to how to make this wonderful Mishaloch Manot! Is it possible for me to get the details where I can purchase all the items for this Purim basket? What a sensational idea for this Purim!! Very Impressive!!

  • LOVE THE IDEA FOR MISHALOCH MANOT! As my grandchildren are getting older, throwing everything in a Purim Bag is not as stimulating and fun as this wonderful idea for Purim! Yasher Koach for the idea!

  • Hi,

    Love this idea! Where can I find those bags??

  • Hi,
    Can you give me a link for where you purchased the bags you put the cylinders in? Thank you!!


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