Bed Bath and Beyond Mishloach Manos

My graphic artist, Leah Borenstein is super-talented.
She’s what they call a real creative genius!
It is always such a pleasure to work with her and she really adds those finishing touches to my projects that give them that ‘wow’ impression!  


Last year, she created the most adorable Bed Bath and Borenstein themed Mishloach Manos and costumes!

Everything from the recreation of the  logo to the perfectly authentic looking chocolate soap bars were Leah’s doing.She can be emailed at


  •      Soap Mold
  •      White and Purple Gefen Wondermelts – to create the lavender swirl effect
  •      Duck Cookie Cutter
  •      Your favorite sugar cookie dough
  •      Rolled Fondant – most colored with yellow gel food color, small amount of blue for eyes, and orange for beak
  •      Thin White Ribbon if you would like to tie two ducks together at the neck
  •      Package of Lolly fiz – to be labeled as the Green Leaf scented pack
  •      Bottle of Candy Fiz, as the bath salts
  •      Fiji Water Bottle
  •      Plastic toiletry bag
  •      White washcloth, and ribbon to tie bow
  •      Labels and Packaging accents from


1. Roll out the cookie dough. Using your cookie cutter, cut out duck cookies and bake according to the recipe directions.

2. Roll out the fondant-approximately 1/4″. Use the same cookie cutter to cut out yellow duck body from the fondant. You can use a drop of Karo syrup or water to stick the fondant to the cookie.

3. Use the beak edge of the cookie cutter to cut an orange beak, and place on the yellow fondant, roll out a blue circle for the eye.

4. I used a chocolate melter to melt the candymelts and keep them at a steady temperature. Place mostly white melts, and a few purple in the pot. Gently swirl the purple in to give a lavender effect, and create soap bar by resting in the fridge until it hardens.
4. Print all printables from on label paper and cut and stick to items accordingly.

5. Place all items in the toiletry bag and you’re bound to have a fresh n clean Purim Package!

PS- Her daughter was a ‘bath girl’ she wore pink pjs with a plush hot pink bath robe, and a shower cap/ head full of rollers her son was a rubber duck! She and her husband dressed as employees of Bed Bath and Borenstein, wearing black aprons with our name badges….

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