5 Simple Dessert Plating Ideas

Pretty Simple!


A delicious dessert is just as important during Pesach as it is during the rest of the year, but who has the time (or energy) to do something dazzling?

This year, you will- because these desserts look great and are incredibly simple to prepare.

Fruit Palette


 You will need:

  • Fruit (chopped strawberries, kiwis ,mango and blueberries)
  • Vanilla ice cream or lemon ices
  • Small ice cream scoop


Arrange fruit on plates and place a small scoop of ices/ice cream on top of each fruit.


Nut Flowers


You will need:

  • Glazed pecans/almonds
  • Melted baking chocolate


For each flower, place approximately ¼  teaspoon of chocolate on parchment paper. Using the chocolate as the center of your flowers, arrange 5 pecans to form a flower. Add another ¼ tsp chocolate to the center of the flower and allow to  dry.


 Tilted Sorbet Cups



With a couple of simple steps you can create eye-catching striped sorbet cups. You’ll find that not only are the results a conversation piece, but each step fun and intriguing as you add each layer one by one. When purchasing the shot glasses, stick with something simple. The simpler the glass, the more dramatic the dessert will look. (You can use plastic as well.)


  • 3 color ices/sorbet softened so that it is pourable
  • cupcake tray 
  • 9 glass or plastic shot glasses



  1. Pour first layer of  ices into your glasses filling it approximately 1/3 of the way. Once each glass is filled evenly, it’s time to tilt your glasses. Place glasses in a cupcake pan being careful that each glass is tilted in the same direction and angle.


  2. Place ices in freezer till firm. Repeat step one using a new flavor of ices and  tilt each glass again. Freeze two layers until firm.



 3. Make your last layer using the last flavor of ices and freeze in an upright position.


Geometric Dessert Plate



You will need:

  • Firm cake cut into small triangles
  • Mango sorbet
  • 2 half slices of kiwi
  • Strawberry sauce

 Ice cream Pie



You will need:

  • Ice cream in a spring form pan
  • Assorted toppings


Decorate ice cream using toppings. To make even concentric circles, I took foil and folded it up to form long strips and then used them as a guide.


Originally Appeared in Family First/ Mishpacha Magazine

Photography by Leiba Bernstein

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  • Love them all! Where do you get the rectangular white plates from? They are so perfect for plating.


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