A Striking Yom Tov Table

A striking Pesach

Pesach is a very special time. It is a chance to spend more time with family and create lasting memories.

As time is limited Erev Pesach, here are some quick yet pretty and versatile ideas to dress up your yom tov table.

Pretty napkin rings, colorful stemware and flowers add an extra touch without too much effort.

 A striking Pesach

A striking Pesach



This centerpiece is comprised of many small vases displayed on a tray as opposed to one large vase. You can decide how many or how few vases you want on the table by each meal. 

You will need:

I thought the rose color would be a nice way to compliment all the wine on the Pesach table and also bring in a Springy feel.

Seating Cards

Hosting lots of company this yom tov?

Sleek, useful and practical- these seating cards will have your meal off to an organized start!


Plastic Frames 

Acrylic paint

1” Paint Brush

Paint marker


Brush a stroke of paint on the back of the frame.

Allow to dry.

Write names on the front of the frame with the paint marker.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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