ABC Guessing Game

ABC Game

Feel, shake, guess… a fun game for a Chanukah Party or any time!

You will need:

  • 25 Bags  
  • ABC letters (or markers) 
  • tape
  • pens 
  • 25 random small items, one for each letter of the alphabet 
  • lined paper or preprinted alphabet list

How to prepare the game:

  1. Label 25 paper bags, each with a letter of the alphabet (I left out x)
  2. Fill each bag with a small  item/s  that starts with the letter on the bag. Ex (A-almonds, B-beans…)
  3. Tape the bag closed.
  4. Give each player a paper and pen and have them write out  the alphabet or hand out a pre- printed list.
  5. Place all the bags in the center of the table.
  6. Set a timer (depending on ages of the players).On the count of three, all the players reach for one bag at a time and try to guess what is in the bag, writing their guess on the list for each letter. Remind players to put the bags back in the center as they guess.

How to win:

Player/(s)with the most correct answers is the winner.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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