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I would be remiss if my blog didn't have a 2018 roundup to reflect on the
year as it draws to a close.

2018 ushered in the era of my very own EstherO original Acrylic Tabletop
Donut Wall.

acrylic donut wall

I first starting toying with the idea back in the beginning of 2017.  I
sketched out some diagrams and reached out to acrylic fabricators here in
the USA.  I knew that I wanted to work with quality craftsmen and top notch

I received my first batch in January of 2018 and then the fun began.

Brimming with ideas, I planned color combos and tablescapes and photo

yellow and light blue themed party

I then moved on to other uses for the donut wall - cuz man can't
live on donuts alone!  Bagels, candies, flowers, cookies & pretzels joined
the lineup. 

wall collage

The most rewarding part of this experience was receiving
feedback from my followers and customers regarding their uses for the donut
wall.  From the large hotel conglomerates and event planners to the DIY
bruncher - the donut wall became an integral part of their celebrations.

universal breakfast


The EstherO donut wall was featured at upsherins, bar & bat mitzvahs,
weddings, brunches and it even took to the seas on its very first cruise.  It was also featured in a donut giveaway charity event in Monreal.  Talk about multi-tasking, the donut wall handles every event with grace.

I am truly honored to look back and see how my dream became a reality in so
many people's lives, enhancing their celebrations in so many unique ways.
I am looking forward to continued joy and happiness together in 2019.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!!


  • Do you just sell the stands for the acrylic stand ?

    Rose gomez
  • Keep your creative juices flowing!!!! What"s next???? We never know, BUT we can’t wait to find out!!!!!
    Lots of Mazel & Bracha!!!!!


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