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bat mitzvah table setup

Of all Simchas, a  Bat Mitzvah celebration is the least defined. As a result, each individual family celebrates this milestone in its own unique way. As there is little in the way of protocol, many families tend to follow the example set by their community. Whether that involves a large affair or one that is celebrated by close family, the sky's the limit to the many ideas that can be adapted for this occasion.

Here is a sampling of ideas for a Bas Mitzvah Party. As I've said in the past, this is not an “all or none” presentation; there’s something here for every taste and budget. Plan ahead and look to make the preparation itself  a fun family project in the days (and weeks) leading up to the party. 


bat mitzvah sweet table

For the sweet table, I used 2-18”x 8 ft folding tables and raised that back table with a set of bed risers. 1.5” width pink ribbon was wrapped around the edge of the tables to tie the colors together.

Décor need not be expensive. The trifold screen that is behind the fondant cake is an old fire place screen. It’s been spray painted  many times over from black to gold and now to white and I’ve hung cookies, flowers and branches from it on different occasions.

For the baked goods, I chose these stunning, upscale creations that I’ve been eyeing from different vendors for the last while.Not only do they look exquisite, but they are mouthwatering as well.

Setting up the candy is always the fun part, I chose to stick with just few colors and was delighted with the large selection of treats available.


bat mitzvah salad bar


I sent Naomi and Sarit  of Little pop Décor samples of the colors I used for the décor. I love the way they pulled it all together and made the whole table look so charming.

I used 5” Lucite Square Bowls lined up with different  toppings to create this eye catching presentation.


bat mitzvah ice cream bar

Well, sort of, that was my plan...until I discovered Urban Pops. These luscious ice cream pops that come in a whole variety of delectable flavor combinations, making a virtual ice cream bar  without the mess!  All flavors are Dairy Free and come in two sizes, regular and  mini (featured here).

Using a personalized printed placemat with matching printed items such as benchers, labels, note pads will make your table look magnificent even if you use a simple  white table cloths .

Personalized items will also add that special element of excitement which will make the bat mitzvah girl feel like a million dollars.

 Cut and etched mirror is a fresh and updated way to add a special touch to your table. In addition to the intricately cut cake topper and personalized name on the drink bar, the elegant mirror seating cards with the ribbons hanging added an original and whimsical look to the decor.


place setting

drink bar

bubble cake

dairy miniatures

heart cake


note pads


 Items available on Amazon:

​ ​
white glass butterfly decor cloth napkin
cookie jar pink ribbon square vase



Lumiere Custom Co.

name topper for cake, name on the bar, mirror seating cards


BP  Print Group


placemats, benchers, note pads, food signs, labels, Hafrashas Challah Covers


B and B Tent and Party Rental


tables, Channel Chairs, bar


Flair Event Rentals 


white and  lucite bowls, white goblets, cake platters, drink dispensers


Choco Shoppe


heart cake, mini hearts, pink square miniatures, bubble cake


 Frosted by Miri



large fondant cake, mini donuts, cupcakes and butterfly cookies


Urban Pops


ice cream pops


Stitch N Sew


table cloths


Cheese Minis




Little Pop Décor

Naomi Shlomo-732-668-7780

Sarit Borochov-917-477-9775

butterfly name sign


Oh Nuts


Candy on sweet table


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article by Esther O. originally appeared in Mishpacha Magazine.

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