Warm and Cozy Chanukah Decor

Warm and Cozy Decor

This is a table that will welcome your family and friends alike. It beckons, it enchants, and it promises to serve Chanukah treats in a way that it will ensure a de"light"ful Chanukah. A guaranteed win!!

Felt, Yarn and Velvet

My inspiration for this table started with the yarn you see wrapped around the napkin and cutlery holder. For some reason I was always fascinated with yarn. Maybe it’s the warm memories of sitting with my grandmother as she knitted and told me stories, or perhaps thinking about all that yardage rolled into that perfect skein or the inspiration to be found in the  aisles and aisles of different colors and textures available.

Either way, this table all started with yarn! 

The yarn I used, is from Michaels. There are lots of choices available on Amazon too.

Warm and Cozy Décor

These are the felt placemats I used which came with the cutlery pockets and matching coaters.

 I folded the napkin to resemble a wrapped present, using the yarn as the ribbon.

Adding a velvet tablecloth (I think you now how much I like velvet table cloths), candles, black chairs and cozy felt elements added to the ambiance and the Chanukah mood.

I picked up the fabric up at Stitch N Sew in Lakewood. They have lots of velvet colors that  are  available 72” wide, don’t need surging and wash and dry like a dream. For this setup, I chose champagne. It is a  very warm color and it creates a beautiful, clean and elegant  background for all the other components on the table.

I used these White Stemware

Warm and Cozy Decor

Let’s play Dreidel

Wrap a roll of pennies in any paper to match your décor. You will be surprised how thrilled everyone will be playing the timeless game of dreidel, especially with that many pennies( hey-you can use rolls of  quarters too!). The clear dreidels are from Amazing Savings.

I used this cutlery  to match the pennies.

 Nifty Name Tags

You will need:

  • 1.5 x 2.5” tag
  • Hole puncher
  • 2 colors of Yarn (Michaels)


Punch hole on either side of the tag and thread 2 strands of yarn through the holes. Tie in the back of the cutlery holder.

Warm and Cozy decor

For the centerpieces , I submerged eucalyptus and  leaves in assorted clear glass vases and bottles (purchased at Hobby Lobby). The  color and details of the leaves are accentuated and magnified as the light refracts through the water. You can also use faux eucalyptus.

I used white 5” and 9” club candles . The narrow bottom and wider top allowed the candles to fit snugly into the vase and stand nice and straight. They are also dripless.


Tip: You can use a wider vase with floating candles too.


Tables and chairs are from B & B Tent and Party Rental-732-886-5510



Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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