Cheese Station

cheese station

When I was growing up, the Cholov Yisrael cheese varieties were pretty much limited to the big stacks of sliced American Cheese, plus one or two others. Today it’s quite different with the huge variety of cheeses available under Cholov Yisrael supervision. Natural and Kosher has played a major part in expanding our cheese offerings.They produce over 25 different varieties of cheese! Now that cheeses come in so many different shapes, looks, sizes - and of course tastes, your cheese station will have all of your participants smiling, and saying “cheese” (sorry,couldn’t resist the pun).

Credit goes to Natural and Kosher for supplying the delectable cheeses in this article.

This setup was first published in Family First/Mishpacha Magazine.

You will need:

Cheese Board

Assorted cheeses

(We used parmersan, fresh mozzarella balls, muenster, gouda and camembert)

Assorted crackers

Grape Clusters, Grape tomatoes, Fresh Rosmary used for garnish

Assorted nuts


Choose 3 or 5 cheeses for each cheese board (odd numbers always look more eye pleasing). Keep it interesting, with a mixture of classic and exotic cheeses, combining different colors and textures. Using different shape cheeses and cubing some blocks of cheese will add interest as well. Garnish with some greenery, fruit and vegetables to enhance your boards.

cheese station

Photography by Hudi Greenberger

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