Chocolate Roses

Paper flowers seem to be blooming in the design world being used to create the most exquisite and original centerpieces and backdrops.

These paper flower roses have a surprise treat in the center!

This sophisticated paper flower craft makes a gorgeous table centerpiece, seating cards or can even be used as a special homemade gift.

I made these flowers out of crepe paper. The delicate texture of the crepe paper makes for really beautiful flowers and the paper can be easily shaped into realistic petal shapes. You can use as many petals as you want for each flower. Featured here are flowers made out of 1-7 petals. The more petals you use the fuller and more open the rose will look.

You will need:


  1. Insert the sticks into the bottom of the truffles.
  2. Place the pink  crepe paper on your work surface so that the lines of the crepe paper are going vertically.
  3. Cut a 4-inch square from the crepe paper for the first layer and  3-inch-wide x 4-inch  long pieces of crepe paper for additional petals.  Prepare as many petals as you like to create your flower.
  4. Fold the pieces so that the lines in the crepe paper are long and vertical.Cut out the upper corners of the openings, in a round shape. Gently stretch the petals and set aside.
  5. Place the green crepe paper on your surface so that the lines of the crepe paper are going up and down. Cut a 2.5-inch long x 3.5-inch wide  piece of green crepe paper.
  6. Cut a deep zig zag across the length so you will be left with two identical pieces. This will be enough for 2 flowers.
  7. Gently stretch and twist each triangle to resemble thorns. Set aside
  8. Place the truffle in the center of the large petal pulling the 2 sides so they overlap a little. Twist the bottom around the stick.
  9. Continue adding as many petals as you like.
  10. Starting from right below the truffle, start wrapping the floral tape around to secure the petals. If you are doing a lot of petals, you may need to add some tape between the layers as well. Floral tape only gets sticky as you stretch the tape so remember to stretch as you wrap the tape around the stick.
  11. Wrap the thorns around the bottom of the rose and secure with additional tape.
  12. Add leaf with name –optional

Note: Dimensions for petals can be adjusted to your liking.


Photography by Sina Mizrahi

This article originally appeared in Family First

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