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 Pesach is the time that everyone takes out their finest silver pieces, dishes and table linens. 

However, there may be some meals over the week that you may want to take a break from your real dishes. You just may want a meal off from washing and drying or just to change up the look a bit.

Colored dishes, napkins, cutlery... are so much fun to use and figuring out and coordinating a nice tablescape for your family and friends will make you feel like the "in-house" party planner. 

Here are some of my favorite items in pinks, blues and greens.

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Pretty Pinks

 cherry blossom napkins pink napkin rings pink vase
pink silverware pink chargers charger
napkins pink plates pink plates


​Beautiful Blues
 butterfly napkin rings disposable plates disposable plates
blue vase blue charger blue cups
blue napkin blue napkin blue chargers

 Gorgeous Greens

 placemat placemat plate
goblets napkin vase
cutlery napkin napkin


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