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Recently, I was at a party and amidst all the fancy cakes and pastries, I noticed a plate with perfectly shaped flower cookies with a blue lentil in the center. I was so excited to see these cookies as they brought back my cozy childhood memories. My mother's Cookie press was the perfect entertainment for a long winter night, snowy day, midwinter vacation…

I purchased this Cookie press and was amazing by how perfectly it worked (that part I didn’t remember, I guess it’s been perfected over the years!).  This Cookie press has a 4.5 star rating with well over 7,000 reviews!

 With 12 shapes to choose from and endless decorating options, this tool will fill lots of fun hours and will be well worth the purchase.



  • Follow recipe included in the booklet. It is important to follow the recipe perfectly so the dough works well in the gun.
  • For best results, press cookies directly on cookie sheet , metal is preferable.
  • You may need to press gun a couple of times till the dough starts coming through evenly.
  • For smaller cookie press once, for larger press twice.
  • Dough freezes well.
  • Use any of the following for decorating-melted cookie dip, melted chocolate , nuts, sprinkles, candy, chocolate lentils….

Photos by Sina Mizrachi 

This article originally appeared in Family First

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