Cucumber CupsGarnish

Pretty garnishes can make your plating special by adding color, interest, taste and texture.

Cucumber cups are a pretty garnish idea to add to an individual fish plate or to be served on a platter.  Here are some other creative ways to serve gefilte fish. 


You will need:


Wash cucumbers well. (They can be peeled too.)

Cut cucumbers into 3” pieces.

Using a sharp knife cut some of the cucumber off on an angle.

Use a small scoop or a knife to remove some of the cucumber flesh.

(If you do not plan to add a dip you can cut all the way to the bottom of the cucumber.)

Place dip and vegetables in the cucumber cup.

Wishing you a beautiful Yom Tov!


Photography by Sina Mizrahi

This article originally appeared in Family First

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