Donate for Donuts

Donate for Donuts

 Charity fundraisers have taken on a new persona.  From the simple sidewalk carnival or lemonade stand, to the full blown black tie events in the fancy country clubs - as savvy consumers we appreciate an innovative twist to our solicitations.

 Some of my customers have ordered donut walls as an original addition to their fund raising events.  When used as a closer for a formal event, your guests will be treated to donuts and coffee to take home with them upon leaving.  Or you can use it as an integral part of the fundraiser - where the donuts themselves are being sold.  There's nothing more eyecatching than displaying the donuts on their very own donut wall.  Bake sales just never go out of style, and custom made donuts are always a sure fire crowd pleaser.

The feedback I get from people that have featured the EstherO Donut Wall at their events is overwhelmingly positive. 

To give back to the organizations that do such good charitable work, I am rolling out a new promotion.  Contact me at with the details of your organization and fundraiser and I will send you a coupon for 15% off your next donut wall order and a free custom vinyl decal with the name of your charity.

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  • What a great idea! I love it! HOLE-Y donuts on a HOLY mission!!!!
    Keep it up ! What’s NEXT????


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