Donut Stands

You probably think I either have an obsession with donuts, or don't realize that Chanukah is over!

So yes, I have an obsession with donuts.  It's just the perfect little treat and comes in so many flavors and variations that it never gets boring.  Have a cake donut with chocolate glaze, or a blueberry donut with that clear sticky glaze that makes everything look so appetizing.

Donuts have become very trendy recently.  They come in so many color combinations that they add visual interest to your tablescape and table decor.  They can also be part of a DIY food bar which everyone just adores.  Move over DIY salad bars - the DIY donut bar is so much more fun.

I love these Clear Acrylic Donut Stands, they're' so functional and versatile.  I've used them in conjunction with my large Acrylic Donut Wall or as a standalone donut display station.

I've also used them with bagels.  Just stack up the Poppys, Sesames, Everythings and Plains and line up bowls of spreads and you have a brunch that looks like you spent hours setting up.

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Happy donut-ing!

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