Edible Perler Beads Craft Activity for Chanukah

Edible Chanukah Perler Beads

A few years ago I posted a craft idea on my blog.  It describes using colorful twizzlers as edible perler beads to create colorful and edible works of art.  After receiving a lot of positive feedback from my followers, I was invited to post a Chanukah version of the edible perler craft on www.kosher.com.

For all of you looking for a fun activity to do with your family over Chanukah, this one appeals to kids (and adults) of all ages.

View my previous blog for step by step instructions by clicking here.

For  Chanukah themed "spin" on the craft idea, you can download my Chanukah shape template from my Printables Page.

Not in the mood of running to the grocery store (again?!?)  Click here for Twizzlers Twists on Amazon.


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