Fruit Balloon Garland

Fruit Balloon Garland

This bright and whimsical craft is a fun and easy way to create a little Tu B’shvat décor.

These fruits won’t spoil no matter how long before they are hung!





  1. Inflate the balloons. Bear in mind which fruit each balloon will represent, and size accordingly.(For example: purple balloons should be very small, and taped together into clusters to make grapes.)
  2.  Use green paper to cut out leaf shapes, and fold them in half to get a nice, natural-looking crease in the middle.Leaves
  3.  Tape the leaves to the balloons at the top, near the knot.
  4.  Tie the fruit balloons (at the top knot) spaced somewhat evenly along the length of the string.
  5. Hang your fruit garland up in a doorway or across a room.


    This article originally appeared in The Voice of Lakewood.

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