20 Great Games

With Yom Tov approaching, our children are soon to begin their Pesach “vacation”. 

Zoom classes and teleconferences will come to an end and there will be more time in the day for other activities.

Board games have always been a great wholesome activity for all ages that can build skills, and keep everyone entertained for hours on end.

To help you choose a game that’s appropriate for your family, I’ve done the “legwork” and compiled a list of 20 games.

There’s something here for everyone.


 Crazy Letters Left  Center Right Game The Game of Things Giant Connect Four
Zingo Blokus Simon Game Basketball Arcade Game
Suspend Game Anomia ColorKu TENZI SLAPZI
Codenames Perpetual Commotion Banana Split Mad Gab
Even Steven's Odd MindWare PicWits The Scrambled States of America Game Ticket to Ride



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