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 DIY Donut Gift Kit DIY Donut Gift Kit DIY Donut Gift Kit`
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Holiday season is around the corner.  If that statement elicited a groan and thoughts of "HELP, what should I give to_____ "(fill in the blank) then this post is for you!

I put together a fabulous gift kit that's just perfect for those special people in your life - the ones that you want to present with something thoughtful yet not over the top. Think doctors, babysitters, bus drivers etc.  It's super simple to assemble, yet packs a huge punch in the presentation department. 

1 - Unfold and pop box into shape.

2 - Add donuts onto donut stand.

3 - Tie with included ribbon.

4 - Accept the thank you's with grace and poise (and then go buy yourself something with all the extra cash leftover from your gifting budget!)

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  • You’re the pro!!! Your ideas are so unique, practical, and fun too! Keep those ideas coming!!!!


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