In Celebration of National Donut Day

National Donut Day is celebrated on June 1st.  Of all our national holidays, this one is probably the most exciting!  In honor of National Donut Day I want to share with you some eye catching ways to decorate your donuts.  It's easy to complement your color scheme or party theme, just follow these simple steps outlined below.

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Spray Paint & Sprinkles

Using any color Wilton™ Color Mist Food Spray (click link to purchase from Amazon) you can turn plain white glazed donuts from drab to fab.  You can create a monochromatic effect by using more or less spray on certain areas.  You can also mix colors for a funky colorful effect.  Don't forget to top 'em off with edible embelishments.  There is a plethora of options available in all colors, shapes and sizes (click for some suggestions: Wilton Special Celebration Gold and Silver Sprinkle Set, or Wilton Sugar Gems).  I used a combination of sprinkles and pearls in gold and white in the gold donuts below.

Plain White Glazed Donuts and Wilton Color Mist Multi Colored Sprayed Donuts
Gold Colored Sprayed Donuts Gold Donut with Embelishments



Metallic Paint

You can buy any color iced donut and spruce it up with metallic food paint (click link to purchase from Amazon).  In the pictures below I went with a pink and gold combination and the results were show stopping with minimal effort.  Just use a small paintbrush and have fun!

Brush on Metallic Food Paint Plain Pink Glazed Donut Custom Made Pink and Gold Donuts


 Candy Melts and Crystal Sugar

Candy melts and sugar crystals come in so many colors that your imagination can truly run wild.  I stayed with a classic white and pink combination to let the hot pink sugar crystals really pop. 


Plain White Glazed Donuts with Drizzled Candy Melts and Sugar Crystals Plain White Glazed Donuts with Drizzled Candy Melts and Sugar Crystals

Melt your candy melts and using a thin tipped piping bag (or zip lock bag with a small hole) drizzle melted candy melts ontop of your donuts.  Sprinkle with sugar crystals.

Click  here for Amazon link to Wilton sugar crystals.

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