Introducing....Our Newest Addition - The EstherO Cupcake Wall!!!

Drumroll please.... We are super excited to introduce you to the latest addition to our party decor lineup.  The cupcake wall is so much more than a cupcake wall, but the name kinda stuck so we're still calling her a cupcake wall.


Fashioned out of sleek, versatile, trendy acrylic, this display wall is the same height and width as our best-selling donut wall, but features shelves instead of dowels.  These shelves are 3" deep and 26" long.  The perfect size to display cupcakes, and a whole lot of other goodies. 

If you're thinking edible treats, then it can be a hors d'oeuvres buffet station, a vertical sushi bar or a tapas style finger food display.  Moving away from food for a moment, the cupcake wall can do double duty as a party favor or seating card display center.

Talking about versatility, the cupcake wall isn't only for the party obsessed, it can also display your collectibles in a way that allows your special collection to shine.

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