Shavuos Kiddush

 shvous kiddush

I always think of Shvuos as the perfect opportunity to have fun, be creative and get a chance to patchke! There’s no Sukkah to build or chometz to get rid of – just the smell of babkas, cheese cakes and flowers!!

 While it's not actually my minhag to make a full-blown Kiddush Shvuos morning, it's always so interesting to learn about so many different minhagim and ways of doing things.

Whether you go all out, incorporate some ideas or pick up a tip or two from this Kiddush décor- I hope you truly enjoy the preparation and have a beautiful Yom Tov!

Shavous kiddush

shavous kiddush

Setting up a buffet with varying heights creates visual interest, extra space and keeps the table looking neat and organized.

I was so happy to hear about Caysee’s new glass shelf products which are so easy to assemble and use.

Glass sheets can be cut to any size. The risers can be stored flat and  snap right into each other.

This system is especially great for party planners, caterers… You can either buy the glass or contact them to learn about their rental service.

(The glass featured here is 12”x96” and 12”squares)

shavous kiddush

shavous kiddush

shavous kiddush

shvous kiddush

I chose this gorgeous floral fabric from  Stitch n Sew Fabric Centre. Their in-house workroom  conveniently sewed it into a tablecloth.

Featured here is a Blue Floral Cheese Cake, Dairy Strawberry Shortcake Bars, Dairy Light Cookie Stacks, Red Velvet Muffins, Dairy Napolean Tart from Kayx . Yes-they taste as delicious and mouthwatering as they look!!!

The Cheese Tulips, Dairy Mini Chocolate Logs, Cinnamon Bun Cake  are all from I know they look  too pretty to eat!!!

The refreshing  iced coffee, kiwi and strawberry drink from Taste It are the perfect drinks to compliment the delicious pastries.

The folding table is 36” x 8’ (a little wider than a standard folding table) from B & B Tent and Party Rental.

 Thank you, Tali of Global Flowers, for the stunning flowers.The vivid blue and fresh green in the bouquets were highlighted beautifully with a pop of color from the roses.

The vases are from Michaels.



  • Glass risers


  • Blue Floral Cheese Cake, Dairy Strawberry Shortcake Bars, Dairy Light Cookie Stacks, Red Velvet Muffins, Dairy Napolean Tart



  •  Cheese Tulips, Dairy Mini Chocolate Logs, Cinnamon Bun Cake-

  • Tablecloth

Stitch n Sew Fabric Centre


  • Flowers

Talis Global Flowers

Global Flowers Howell-6520 US Highway 9

Global Flowers Monsey-249 Route 59, Airmont,NY

Global Flowers Lakewood-1797 Ave of the States

  •  Strawberry, Kiwi, Iced Coffee Drinks

  • Table

B & B Tent and Party Rental



Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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