Kraft Box Mishloach Manos

Kraft box 

Kraft boxes  have taken the packaging industry by storm. The high level of customization you can give them makes these boxes not only super functional but also fun to use.

Here are two Mishloach Manos ideas using kraft, one a box that you can fill as you wish, and the other a chocolate bar wrapped in kraft paper. Of course, you can change them up however you like. 

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Flower Box

You will need:

Stamp the box with the rubber stamp. Tie a piece of twine around a small piece of baby’s breath and glue to the box using a glue gun. Attach a mini tag.

Chocolate Bar

You will need:

Wrap the black paper around the kraft box. Attach the label and tie on the rosemary with twine, or attach the rosemary to the label with the mini clothespin.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

Label by OMGdesign by Leah -

This article originally appeared in Family First

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