Flower Napkin Rings

 flower napkin rings

As a flower lover, Shvuos is one of my favorite holidays. Aside from all gorgeous fresh flowers I decorate my table and house with, I always try to add as many flowers as I can to my table decor and menu, in any form and fashion like these flower seating cardspopcorn hydrangeas  and flower postcards cookies  just to name a few.

In honor of this Shvuos, here is a really cool napkin ring craft that is so simple and easy to create using our FREE PRINTABLE and just a couple of supplies.

Once you finish making the napkin rings, you will fold up any color cloth napkin to create the rose.

You can place one at each setting like this

flower napkin ring

flower napkin rings

Place them in a vase as a centerpiece.
You can also give them as a gift if you like making homemade gifts.

 flower napkin rings

You will need:

  • Free Printable Download
  • Vinyl (I purchased this at Stitch n Sew )                                                    1/4 yard is enough for 10-12 napkin rings

Here are some options on Amazon green vinyl 

I'm hesitant to say which one to choose as I personally did not try any from Amazon. It should be stiff but yet soft enough to be able to cut out easily.


  1. Print out the Free Printable Download on cardstock.
  2. Trace the flower on the back of the vinyl.
  3. Cut out the vinyl flowers.
  4. Use the marker to decorate the leaves as shown.
  5. Allow to dry.

How to fold the napkins:

  1. Fold the napkin in four.
  2. Roll the napkin and stick through the hole as shown.
  3. Take the two corners of the top part of the napkin and gently loosen up the napkin to "open up the rose".
  4. Place napkin in stemware, on a plate or in a vase.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

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