Overflowing with Beauty Flower Arrangement


Besides for the standard flowers, when shopping for flowers, we are never sure exactly what will be available. One magnificent flower that is almost guaranteed to be available erev Shavuos is beautiful peonies. Below is a list of exactly what we used to make this stunning arrangement.

This stunning overflowing flower arrangement will take center stage on your table. I love using Italian ruscus in arrangemnents as they make the arrangements look grander and larger.

  • 8 peonies
  • 7 brillantina
  • 6 Italian ruscus
  • 1 bunch Pon Pon Cloni ranunculas

The vase I used was from Global by Tali. It was approximately 20-inches high, the opening was 3-inches x 15-inches.

Here are some other nice large vase options.


  1. Fill vase approximately half way with water.
  2. Fill vase with brillantina .
  3. Add Italian ruscus to the sides of the vase.
  4. Add peonies and ranunculas


Photography by Chay Berger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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