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The Pesach Seder is a culmination of many things....weeks of cleaning, hours of cooking, more hours of shopping, days of having the kids home and bored.

But it's also the anniversary of our nationhood.  It's the commemoration of our redemption from the seemingly endless exile of Egypt.  And even if we are dropping with exhaustion, we get a second wind when the Seder begins.  I attribute this yearly phenomenon to the sparkle in the children's eyes, the memories of all the sedorim of our youth, and the desire to create new memories that our children will cherish as they grow.

There are so many things that I remember from my parent's and grandparent's sedorim.  The unique Seder Plate, the Cup of Eliyahu with the small chip on the side, the lace tablecloth that I've never seen the likes of anywhere else.  Everyone's seder table is unique and personal.  I like to buy something each year to enhance my own table.  I'm sharing some of my favorites with you, whether you lean towards cute and quirky, or regal and sophisticated, I'm sure you'll find something to create your own family's traditions and cherished memories.


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