Rosh Hashana Tablescape

Rosh Hashana Setup


A table set for Yom Tov is naturally special.

Adding some small touches that identify the day sets the tone and suggests the spirit.

Incorporating our hope for wonderful new year is one way we convey our warm wishes to our families and guests.

Rosh Hashana Setup

A Fan-tastic Year

A Fantastic year

Wishing you not only a sweet new year, but one that's fantastic in every which way.

 You will need:

  • 4 different color apples
  • Fancy toothpick
  • Shot glass filled with honey


  1. Slice apples thinly
  2. Stick the toothpick through all 4 slices and fan them out.
  3. Lay the toothpick across the shot glass

Arrangement Add-ons

Rosh Hashana Setup

Plenty of apples and pomegranates to go around over Rosh Hashana. Weaving them into your floral arrangement adds visual value and some sweet sentiment to your Yom Tov table.

 Thank you Bre Designs for creating these stunning centerpieces (@bre_design, 718-675-3890)

Rosh Hashana Setup

Classy Cards

Beautiful matching simanim cards at each seat defines your Rosh Hashana table.

To purchase the simanim cards shown in this picture go to

Dashing Dishes

The dishes I used are made by Classic Touch. I got them at Set Your Table in Lakewood, NJ.


I chose white velvet fabric  for the tablecloth, purchased at Stitch N Sew, Lakewood,NJ. They have many colors available in 72” width. In addition, the velvet does not need hemming and can be dried in a dryer. Think Sukkos!

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