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flower scale

Although the focus of Rosh Hashana should, of course be our tefillos, here are some small touches that can make Yom Tov meals special for your family. People often share how these small touches enhance their children's simchas Yom Tov. Here's the first opportunity this year  to express our excitement for the special days on the calendar. 

 Tip the Scale Flower Arrangement 

Back in the day, one of my children had an obsession fleamarkets.  One hot Sunday morning, as we  browsed the aisles, I spotted an old scale for three dollars. With this inspiration, a floral scale became our Rosh Hashana centerpiece year after year.

You can purchase a scale here or you might be lucky to find one at an antique shop! Interestingly I found this gorgeous more modern looking one at TJ Max.

You will need:


1) Cut the oasis to fit each side of the scale. Soak oasis in water. 

You may want to use a small plastic plate or plastic wrap to line each side to avoid rust.

2)Cut flowers and fill each side. 

Make sure oasis is nice and wet before Yom Tov.


Quill Seating Cards

 feather bookmark


Saying the words v'kasfeinu b'sefer hachaim always reminds me of an ink and quill, which is how these seating cards came to be. 


You will need:



  1. For each seating card, cut a paper into approximately 5" x 8”. Fold in half the long way.
  2. Draw a flat oval from the top to the bottom.Using a pair of scissors, make lots of small snips, along the curved side being careful not to cut all the way to the fold



   3.Glue or tape the wire to the back of the quill. Use a string to attach a name tag. 

Photos by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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