Royal Tradition Pesach Seder


Royal Tradition

Royal Tradition

The Pesach Seder is a celebration of our cheirus, our freedom, and traditionally we have always set it in royal fashion.

Some years, like this one, circumstances are more challenging than others and we can celebrate the freedom of keeping things beautiful, but simpler.

Here are a few suggestions for those who are able to implement them-striking ways to make your table fit for children of the King.

Royal Tradition


Royal Tradition

Setting a beautiful table always starts with pretty linens.

For the tablecloth, I chose a magnificent silver/gold combination embroidered cloth from the New Swiss 2020 collection at Elegant Linen.

Although I chose the tablecloth for the elegant look and feel, I was pleasantly surprised and so excited to learn that the fabric is spill proof too!! Instead of the liquid seeping into the fabric, small beads form and all you need to do is wipe away the liquid and the cloth will remain looking perfectly clean. What a perfect blend of beautiful and practical.

 Lchaim on your first spill!!

Royal Tradition

I chose a gorgeous, easy-care matzo cover and afikoman bag with a Swiss-linen look to match the table cloth, which is also spill proof.

Imagine having a matzah cover and afikoman bag with no wine spills after Yom Tov.

The high quality plush “Egyptian cotton” Roseberry waffle towel with “Pesach” embroidered on it, is another perfect addition to the Pesach Seder.

Table cloth, matza cover, afikoman bag and towel available at all Linen Shops, Lakewood, Brooklyn, Monroe, Monsey and more.

"Put some Seder to your Seder" with these gorgeous matching  pillowcases.


Royal Tradition

Royal Tradition

I chose glass and gold dishes from Classic Touch- from chargers to wine decanter to stemware to a kaarah to matching kosos for the entire family.

The “shiur” of the cup is perfect for those who cant drink a lot.

Setting a tray off to the side with silver bechers for those who prefer using a sentimental or nostalgic becher is a good idea.

 Dishes by Classic Touch available at your local gift stores.


I always enjoy adding wax flowers to my flower bouquets as they add texture and visual interest. For this setup, I decided to fill all the vases only with wax flowers.

Wax flowers have multiple blooms per stem and come in a variety of colors.

Not only are they beautiful but also long lasting and easy to care for.

The white vases add are great for hiding the stems.

Tip-Remove any foliage from below the water line. Foliage in the water will cause bacteria to form faster and will affect the life of  the flowers.

Seating Cards

Royal Tradition

Royal Tradition

Have your children use some of their free time constructively by making pretty additions for your yom tov table.

You will need:


  1. Place a wax stick in the glue gun and plug it in.
  2. Position the leaf on the top of the card and squeeze a small puddle of wax between the bottom part of the leaf and the card..
  3. Press the wax seal into the wax and allow to dry.
  4. Remove the initialed wax from the seal.
  5. Using the gold marker for the names.
  6. Place card in the place card holder.

Royal Tradition

Royal Traditon

Thank you Hazofrim, world renowned silversmith for the Kos Shel Eliyahu and the Kaarah.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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