Shabbos Nachamu Kiddush

shabbos nachamu

As we move on from Tisha Ba'av to Shabbos Nachamu, we hope that  we Klal Yisroel will have a complete nechama and only experience happiness and good times together. Shabbos Nachamu is a time that many people set up a nice kiddush in honor of this special time period.

Setting up a pretty kiddush can be as easy as a beautiful tablecloth and some simple white dishes. I got this gorgeous branch design embroidered tablecloth at Stitch n Sew Fabric Centre.Together with some basic white rectangular and  round  plates and large and small bowls you can set a beautiful table.

Herring and Kichel

shabbos nachamu

shabbos nachamu

Once the poor man's fish, herring has swum against the current and is now served at practically every kiddush you attend. With its endless varieties and seasonings, it's no wonder herring has become so popular.

"The Rebbes Choice" with their catchy names and delicious herring varieties has taken the herring trend to a whole new level. Their herring and kichel is available in stores in the tri state area and can be shipped anywhere in US. 





Haute and delicious, Babkatoure has taken the old favorite babka classic to a whole new level. The flavors I used here were Chocolate, Vanilla, Maple and Cinnamon Pecan. Babka comes in the most beautiful boxes, which makes it  great for gifting.


Chummus Platters

chummus platter

A Kiddush is a great venue for serving these exotic chummus platters. They are inexpensive and go very far.

To create them, I spread store bought chummus on a platter and topped it with different toppings and then drizzled with olive oil.


  • fresh veggies
  • roasted eggplant and pomegranates
  • spicy olives (available at deli counter)
  • Roasted Cauliflower and Hummus Platter (Miraim Pascal- Cohen)






Fork and Bowl definitely takes advantage of nature's colorful bounty. Aside from the delicious and creative food combinations, the salads are just bursting with color. All the salads came in these bowls with a plastic cover snapped on. Fresh, delicious and healthy!!





  • Herring and Flat Kichel

The Rebbes Choice


  • Babka


  • Tablecoth

Stitch n Sew NJ



Fork +  Bowl



Photography by Hudi Greenberger

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