Spinning Candy Dreidel

spinning driedel

Last year, I had this idea stuck in my mind, I wanted to create a spinning Dreidel at my Chanukah Party.

Though originally I was struggling to come up with an idea, I picked up a house shaped holiday gift box at a local Dollar Tree. After “topping” it off with a 2” party favor cube, I covered the entire “Dreidel” with mylar  and then lots of candy.  Placing it on top of a display turntable  and watching everyone’s faces, I knew this Dreidel spinner was a real winner!!

You will need:


  1. Glue 2” box on to the bottom of the box to look like the dreidel top.
  2. Cover entire dreidel with mylar or silver foil.
  3. Glue candy on in neat rows, covering the entire surface of the dreidel besides for one side of the roof. The dreidel will rest on the side without the candy.
  4. Place dreidel down on the rotating display.
  5. Enhance the centerpiece with tea lights and Chanukah coins. 


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

 This article originally appeared in Mishpacha magazine

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