Strawberry-Themed Baby Girl Kiddush


Nothing says “Hello, summer” quite like fresh strawberries that have been ripened to perfection.

One of my favorite summer activities has always been picking fresh strawberries. There’s nothing like sitting in a sunny strawberry patch with red-stained fingers, dirty knees, and strawberries everywhere you look! 

Learn how to party-plan your own events with a few simple steps, vendor contacts, and baking tips.

Neighbors, friends, and family often want to send something special to enhance a simchah, and they’re thrilled when they know it’s something that will be enjoyed and appreciated. Here are some great ideas for when you’re asked, “What can we send to your simchah?” And if you’re the sender, you can ask the baalei simchah what they’d like in advance so your offering will be truly helpful.

Homemade baked goods are always a great addition to a simcha. Of course, there are some simchahs that are more conducive to baking than others. I don’t recommend baking when you’re only three days after birth! But baking for a simchah like a bar or bas mitzvah is usually much more doable. If you have the time to bake with your children, it can add so much fun and excitement to the simchah.

In this setup, I used two narrow tables, raising the back one with a bed riser under each leg of the table.


Shuck’s Fine Pastries



I love ordering different cutout cookies from Schuck’s Fine Pastries. Aside from being so pretty, they are very light, delicious, and easy to eat at a simchah. I chose the Raspberry Pecan Flowers to match the decor.

Speaking of Schuck’s, what’s a simchah without the world-class Schuck’s Strawberry Shortcake?! This is one cake that’s always polished off. 

Mirror-Glazed Cakes by Cocoabean


Did you know that you can color-coordinate these cakes to match your decor? And guess what — they’re absolutely delicious. Both of these chocolate cakes were layered with a decadent mousse and ganache, each one finished off with its own unique flavor (peanut butter and halva).

Cheese Yodels and More

The Nuttery

Cheese Yodels

While the Nuttery is famous for its freshly roasted nuts and mouthwatering chocolates, it also carries a full line of beautifully wrapped tarts, mini mousses, and muffins that don’t have to be preordered. I chose a delicious chocolate tart that was decorated with flower cookies and dusted with confectioners’ sugar, as well as the Nuttery’s famous Cheese Yodels — yum!

Stamped Napkins and Candy Boxes


candy box

I knew I could count on The Stamp Studio, with its spot-on graphics and superlative taste, to carry out my vision for this tablescape idea. From the logo-stamped napkins to the personalized candy-filled boxes, they pull together the small details that make a big impression.

Initial Cookies

Initial Cookie

I picked up a set of three-inch ABC cookie cutters . It’s a great set to own, even if just for baking cookies with young children. To make the cookies featured here, you can use any sugar cookie dough recipe. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, dip them into white Cookie Dip and sprinkle them with candied nuts.

Two-Tone Peanut Chews

Two Tone Peanut chews

An oldie but goodie — I love making these peanut chews

and cutting them into all different sizes. Here, they’re cut long and narrow.

Long Peppermint Biscotti

Long Biscotti

To make these long biscotti, you’ll need to use a firm biscotti recipe. Make the dough, form into logs, bake, and cut into long, thin biscotti shapes. Once they’re cool, dip one side of each biscotti into Cookie Dip and then into crushed peppermint.

Custom Cookies

These cookies are definitely edible art. I love the way Kookies4You added eyes to the strawberries, giving them so much character! And the details of the strawberry cartons are just so adorable. Using edible print, they even turned the logo created by the Stamp Studio into a cookie.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging cookies

I love the summery look of hanging flower baskets. Here I used a two-tier steel towel to hang the vases. Tali of Global Flowers put together the sweetest, most cheerful flower arrangements to complement the decor.

Party Platters

Props are easy to rent. Most rentals will deliver the dishes and pick them up again while still dirty. I got white and acrylic platters from Prop2Party.

Pompom-Trimmed Tablecloths

You can never go wrong with owning a couple of white tablecloths. They’re the perfect blank slates for your creativity. I chose a white fabric called Honeycomb at Stitch ‘n Sew. Its width is 110 inches, which is great for making into wide tablecloths.

I wrapped the edges of the tablecloths with a red pompom trim, giving the table a sweet and charming touch. To hold the trim in place, I basted it with a couple of stitches every few inches. Pompom trim is available in many colors.


Strawberry shortcake and flower cookies:

Schuck’s Fine Pastries


Logo, napkins, and favor boxes:

The Stamp Studio


Royal icing and fondant cookies:

Kookies4You LLC


Mirror-glazed cakes:

Cocoabean 848-525-2182 

Flower tart and cheese Yodels:

The Nuttery

Tablecloths: Stitch n’ Sew Fabric Centre


Flowers: Tali’s Global Flowers

located in Howell (6520 US Highway 9), Monsey (249 Route 59, Airmont, NY), and Lakewood (1797 Avenue of the States)


 Photography by Ruby Photography 

This article originally appeared in Family First

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